Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a "numbing winter with below-average temperatures" for us here in Michigan this year. Hmmmnnn....sounds suspiciously like most of our winters here in Michigan. People are all abuzz about how cold it's going to get this year and how miserable it's going to be. As if winter is ever really that much different from year to year. It's cold. It snows. We freeze.

I'm not a huge fan of the cold, but I have lived here all of my life so I at least know what to expect. I wear long johns under my pants when necessary and sometimes wear an extra sweatshirt jacket underneath my winter coat for added warmth. I have different hats and gloves for different events like a simple after-dinner stroll or a snow-in-your-face swoosh down the sledding hill. One must be prepared for all different levels of cold in the Midwest.

I'm not sure, however, that I can take another winter of people complaining and moaning about the cold. It
is cold. No need to debate the issue. Like I said, not a big fan. But, in order to get myself through at least seven months of it, I have to train my brain to like at least something about the winter.

So, without further ado, here is my Top Ten list of reasons why I will gladly welcome the wintry weather his year:
  1. My Morning Walk. Inhaling my first gulp of frigid-cold air on my way out the door jars me to attention like nobody's business. If I'm not fully awake by the time I open my garage door, I am raring to go after I swallow a few icy shards of air. I feel so alive!

  2. Watching My Kids Watching Their Cold Breath. Another fine example of paying attention to the little things in life. Do you ever stop to look at your cold, winter breath puffing through the air like a smoke stack anymore ? It is pretty amazing.

  3. Snow Angels. It's so fun to see my little angels layered so tight they can barely bend a knee trying to make their own little angels in the snow. Pure Kodak moment.

  4. Snow Covered Branches That Shine Like Diamonds. Some days I can walk outside and see the beautiful snow glistening on the branches in the trees and an immediate calm envelopes me. Nothing seems so pure and tranquil as newly fallen snow.

  5. Building Snowmen. There will come a time when building snowmen will not be on my kids' list of favorite things to do. For now, I will bundle up, happily seek twigs for arms and rocks for eyes and hold these moments close to my heart.

  6. Hot Chocolate After Building Snowmen. Family traditions are what keeps us close. Hot chocolate after a cold day outdoors is a must!

  7. Christmas. We have had snowy, white Michigan Christmases and we have had warm, sunny Florida Christmases. Christmas just isn't Christmas at the beach. Bring on the winter wonderland!

  8. Sledding and/or Ice Skating. Need I say more?

  9. Movies in the Middle of the Afternoon. You just can't justify snuggling up under the covers in the middle of the day and popping The Aristocats into the VCR during any other season. Winter is the only time we get to rationalize being as lazy as hibernating bears.

  10. Indoor Water Parks. When the arctic conditions have reached gloomy proportions one heads to an indoor water park. It's like you're in the tropics but with a really cool water slide.
What are your favorites things about winter?


Jeff Whiting said...

"...swallow a few icy shards of air"...and your feeling so alive?? Wow! You're a tough Michigan gal, Kim.
(Excellent choice of word, that 'shards' was--haha:D)


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