Thursday, May 27, 2010

Never Pass Up An InvitationTo A Destination Wedding

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Cabo San Lucas. Mark and I made the trek for a family wedding and I am so glad we went.  Our first thought upon receiving the "save the date" card was how are we gonna swing this, but we finally came to the conclusion that it was important to be with our family.  So, we packed our bags, left our kids with Grandma and Grandpa and flew off to the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula.  It was paradise.

I had several reservations about going not the least of which was leaving my kids for five days.  I know they are in competent hands with Grandma and Grandpa but it's still hard to say goodbye and fly several thousand miles away to a foreign country no less.  I also worried about the cost of our trip and other logistics, but none of that prevented us from getting on the plane. I really felt compelled to renew relationships with relatives that I rarely see.  An added bonus was getting to be with some of my favorite family members in one location.

We had lots of laughs and lots of Mango Margaritas. We reminisced about funny events in our past and predicted possible outcomes of our various futures.  We relaxed in the sun and took walks on the beach.  We witnessed two young people beginning their lives together.  And, we got to know each other even better.  I couldn't even begin to put a price tag on that kind of reunion.

Time is flying by at an alarming speed and years go by in the blink of any eye.  It's a shame I can't see my extended family more often but I will take as many opportunities as I can get from now on.  My first instinct won't be "I shouldn't" or "I couldn't."   I won't hesitate when I receive the next "save the date" card because I will remember how important it was for all of us to be together, regardless of time or place. 

We did put a bug in the ear of all of our younger, single relatives, however, that a destination wedding to a nice, warm beach location would be most appreciated.


bossybetty said...

Very cool! It sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Patti said...

I saw your photos on fb and it looked gorgeous! So glad that you and Mark decided to go. I know as parents we second guess leaving our children, Larry and I do it all the time but we all need a break sometime and if it's in Cabo, well then, even better!!!! :) We have a destination wedding coming up also, in Vegas, which I do not enjoy. Wish they would have picked Cabo!!!


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