Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Gotta Have Goals

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

My goal to be a published author is coming true.  I'm taking baby steps and little by little I'm getting a piece published here and a piece published there.  I've spent the last two years immersed in writing websites, reading books about writing and learning the craft.  I've followed writers whom I admire, asked tons of questions of those who have come before me and compiled a list of rejections along the way.

I still have quite a lot to accomplish on my goal list, but the point is I have a list.  When my kids tell me they can't do something or are not capable of accomplishing a task I say, "baloney."  Figure out a way to make it happen.  You want to be a better baseball player?  Play catch every chance you get.  You want to improve your piano skills?  Practice, practice, practice.

They are learning that I will never say, "you're right it's too hard. Forget about it." Instead I will say, "the only limitations are those you place on yourself."  I get lots of eye-rolling and dirty looks, but eventually they will learn that success is a journey, not a destination. If they can learn to set goals they are that much closer to achieveing them.

I have two more published credits based on my goal list.  Check out my article in the Fall/Winter edition of Long Weekends magazine:  Perennial Playtime.  Also, I had my essay A Boy and His Shovel published on the This I Believe website.

What are your goals?


Jenna said...

Both are awesome...congratulations! And, I have no doubt that you will have a book published someday.


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