Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best Christmas Present Ever

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone already and we are getting ready to start a new year.  And a new decade!  Life is passing by at warp speed and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.  Where does the time go?

The boys were good this year so Santa brought them some special gifts.  Nicholas is so enamored with his new Nerf-N-Strike Stampede ECS blaster that he actually sleeps with it.   He carries it downstairs with him in the morning and every attempt to bring it to the breakfast table is met with, "please put the Nerf blaster down until you're finished eating."   He carries it upstairs, he carries it downstairs and he carries it everywhere in between. 

Christopher's puppy dog Pillow Pet fits in nicely with the other five or six puppies he has piled up on his bed.  Christopher is all about the puppies.  If our 10-year old dachshund actually paid any attention to him it would send him over the moon.   Unfortunately she doesn't so he is satisfied with the love he receives from his stuffed animals.  When he's sleeping and snuggled up with his Pillow Pet the content look on his face is priceless.

Other fun presents were found under the tree but I was as surprised as the boys to find that Santa left the Best Christmas Present Ever outside on the front porch Christmas morning.  As the boys eagerly tore open the huge plain brown boxes, each one found a Flexible Flyer sled and a note from Santa asking him to share his sled with mom and dad.

We love to sled and we have some great sledding hills by our house.  Over the years we've tried different sleds like saucers, foam sleds with slick bottoms and other plastic types.  While those sleds are OK and do the job, none of them is as good as the Flexible Flyer.  Made from birch wood and powder-coated steel, the Flexible Flyer lets us cruise down the hill at high speeds using the flexible steering bar for control.  While all the other novice sledders are crashing into burms, sledding backwards or flying off mid-hill, we sail by with complete control over our direction. Yes, I am now officially a sled snob.

These Flexible Flyer sleds are built to last so hopefully our kids will enjoying using these sleds with their kids one day.  The times we spend together sledding are some of my best memories and hopefully will be some of their best memories, too.  When we are out on the sledding hill we are enjoying each other's company, having fun and getting some much-needed wintertime fresh air.  We are also taking turns, encouraging each other and helping carry each other's load when someone gets too tired.  It's teamwork at its best. 

When I hear other people lament about how cold it is outside or how drab and dreary winter is here in Michigan I'm convinced they've never been to the sledding hill.  When you're sledding, you get to act like a kid again.  Kids don't pay attention to things like cold or dreary - they just have fun.  I rarely see anyone on the sledding hill who isn't having fun.

So, when life gets so busy that we can't even remember which day it is, we will take our sleds out and spend a few hours zooming down snow-covered hills.   Our only worry will be whose sled went the farthest.  In those few hours we will create special memories for years to come. 

Thank you, Santa, for reminding us that the best present is the gift of time spent together.


Angela said...

Love this one too Kim! Makes me want to go sledding too!


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