Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My New Kindle Fire

I never thought I would be an e-book reader.  I pooh-poohed all of the hoopla surrounding e-book readers like the Kindle and Nook because I have plenty of magazine subscriptions that are delivered to my house and plenty of books I can curl up with on the couch.  I can be a little old-school when it comes to all of the new technology available.  It took me awhile to come to the texting party.  I just recently started to Skype.  But, I still refuse to bank online.  I will continue to write checks out of my little checkbook, putting a stamp on my envelopes to send in my bills.  I'm proud to support my local post office!

So, when my husband asked me what I thought about a Kindle for my birthday my first response thanks.  No need.   I am firmly ensconced in my habit of stacking my magazines on the kitchen counter and pulling one out when I have a few minutes to sit and read by my lonesome.  Or, if I am so inclined, I stop by my local library to check out a book I've been meaning to read.  I'm proud to support my local library!

I heard from several people who love their Kindle that they couldn't imagine life without it.  Which made me think back to when I told my husband several years ago "no thanks" on an iPod because I don't listen to music when I work out.  I walk with a friend in the morning or do yoga DVDs and when I'm on my treadmill I'm catching up on past episodes of Bill O'Reilly.  Again, no need.  My husband bought me one anyway and I was ready to return it until I found out I could listen to my iPod through the car's FM radio. Now we're talking!  I was getting tired of making music CDs for my kids to listen to in the car.  Presto! Bammo!  Now I had an entire music library to choose from and could play whatever songs my little ones requested with the click of a wheel.  Our car rides became more bearable and the kiddos were happily singing along in the backseat.  I have upgraded since my first nano and now have the iPod Classic because my music library exceeded the 8 GB nano capacity.  Who knew?

Still, I wasn't sure I should jump on the Kindle bandwagon.  So I started investigating.  As it turns out the Kindle Fire is much more than an e-reader.  I'm not in the review business so this isn't going to be a "Kindle Fire is better than the Nook because...." post, but let's just say I was intrigued by Kindle Fire's capabilities.  I didn't know you could browse the web.  Or email, stream TV and Video or play games. I didn't know you can e-mail documents - including Word, PDF and more - directly to your Kindle so you can read them anytime, anywhere.  I didn't understand the cloud storage of all my Amazon content.

Once I realized the Kindle Fire was much more than an e-reader I regretted telling my husband I wasn't interested in a Kindle.  Shame on me for being so close-minded about new technology.  It wasn't the first time and certainly wouldn't be the last. 

Lucky for me I opened my birthday present and saw a Kindle Fire in my hands.  I realized my husband did an investigation of his own and predicted, as he did many years ago with my iPod, that I really would use this device in many more ways than I could possibly imagine. 

And he was right.  Again.

I love my Kindle Fire!  I'm still learning about all of its potential, but I think the coolest thing is that I can peruse the Amazon bookstore, click a button and poof!  A book is delivered to my Kindle.  Just like that.  It's magic! I'll probably be laughing a few years from now when my Kindle library exceeds even my wildest expectations. 

Lesson learned.  Never say never!



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