Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Sound of Silence

I remember this day last year when I boo hooed about Christopher starting school full-time and how quiet it was in my house with no kids home during the day.  Well, I still get teary-eyed the first day of school but I gotta say, this year, I welcome the sound of silence.

We had a great summer.  I can't quite believe it's over so fast.  But, during that 2 1/2 month hiatus from school I am with the boys from sun up to sun down and silence isn't something I can count on with any frequency.  If we go out somewhere with a crowd, it's loud.  Even if we stay home, it's loud.  At night, when everyone tries to settle down but one brother hits the other brother as he walks by and a fight erupts, it's loud.  In the morning when it should be quiet because, well, it's morning, one brother scares the other brother as he comes out of his bedroom and it's loud. 

This summer was loud.  But, today, it's quiet. 

I'm a little bit anxious because it's been so loud for so long I'm just waiting for a door to burst open with one of my boys spilling forth tattling on the other for rude behavior during the neighborhood kickball game.  I still need reminding today that the boys are back in school because it just doesn't seem possible that summer flew by as fast as it did.  Even though I miss the heck out of them already I am thoroughly enjoying my quiet time.

Everyone always wants to know what you'll be doing when the kids go back to school.  I've got plenty lined up.  My to-do lists are growing. 

But, just for today, I'm enjoying the sound of silence.



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