Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Days Off This Month

So, school just started this month, right?  My kids have already had two days off!

Tomorrow is one of the two September days the students and staff have off.  Which means since school started they have only had one full week of school.  I looked at the calendar and October is the only month of the school year that has no days off. 

Here is how the rest of it breaks down:

4 days off

2 weeks off - Winter Break

2 days off

1 week off - Mid Winter Break

2 days off

1 week off - Spring Break

2 days off

I don't claim to understand teacher contracts or number of school hours required by each state for the school year or how many minutes a school day should consist of, but what I do know is my kids work better with a routine and so do I.

I know I have a hard time getting into a groove because just when I do my kids seem to have a day off from school.  If I'm having a hard time getting into a groove imagine how hard it must be for the students.



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