Monday, September 2, 2013

No More Back-To-School Blues

I am officially ready for school to start.  I don't have any of the back-to-school blues like I've had in previous years.  As much as I love spending time with my children, it is imperative for all of us to get back to a routine.  A schedule keeps us all in check and school is the only way to get back on any sort of schedule.

We thrive on routine.  The only way we can accomplish our tasks is to know what is expected of us.  Tuesday is piano practice.  Wednesday is math tutor.  Saturday is football practice, etc. Living with a schedule makes it infinitely easier get our jobs done.

I realize that during the summer it's OK for the kids to have downtime and to play and to be free.  And, we've done that. We took lots of trips this summer, spent good, quality time together and enjoyed ourselves.  We crossed things off our summer to-do list and feel confident starting September that we don't have any lingering "should haves" to drag down the end of summer.

But now it's back to business.When the bell rings and the children burst into the halls ready to start the new school year, I will join other parents breathing a collective sigh of relief.  For the first time ever I won't have any back-to-school blues. I will send my kids off to school with a kiss and a smile.

My first order of business is to take a nap. A very long nap. I think I deserve it.



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